Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tell me something tuesday

Tell me something tuesday is a weekly meme, hosted by Cambria Hebert, in which she asks us something, and we post our answer. I found this meme to be pretty simple and interesting, so here I am ;D

And the question is: How do you feel about love triangles?

Now, that's a tricky one. I have mixed feelings about love triangles. It depends on the book. For example, I adore Vampire Academy's love triangle, because Richelle Mead developed it very well. It was believable, and even though Rose irritated me sometimes with her indecision, it was still a good romance. 

The same cannot be said about Twilight. I couldn't care less about Edward and Jacob, simply because Bella doesn't deserve either of them. She's annoying, doesn't have facial expression, and her personality is as flat as a door. I'm glad Jacob fell in love with Renesmee, and that Bella could live happily ever after with her sparkling vamp. So, to sum it all up, I didn't like Twilight's love triangle, but the ending was nice enough.  

I feel particularly bad for the guy who's not chosen by the girl in the end. I always like the one who's chosen, but I feel glad everytime the author manages to give the poor bloke a happy ending. Or, you know, do something pretty drastic, but that still feels real. (Hallo, Andrea Cremer). 

But really, it would be nice if, for a change, the love triangle was about two girls and a guy (like Percy Jackson). I loved to see this side of Percy, and it'd be good if there was a book like this one. Too bad  there's a big amount of love triangles with the same drama, the same indecision, the same story... 

Something that bothers me a lot is the love triangle in which the girl has made her mind since the begginning, like The Vampire Diaries (the series). Elena's true love is Stefan, and she never feels insecure about the other Salvatore. It is always Stefan, Stefan, Stefan. This isn't a love triangle, it's a girl who's loved by two boys. I really hope Elena will give Damon a chance, but so far, nothing. A love triangle with so much potential being wasted by insta-love... 

So, overall, I like love triangles, but only if the girl is interesting and sincerely insecure, the guys are not two morons fighting each other like barbarians and acting like the girl is a damsel, and if the ending is realistic. ;D

What about you, how do you feel about love triangles? Love them? Hate them?


  1. Hi Beatriz! Nice to meet you! So glad you joined the meme. You presented some good arguements. Loved your commentary on Twilight you are right her personality leaves much to be desired and as bad as I felt for Jacob he is better off. You know for some reason I never even considered VA as a love triangle just because I never believed the relationship between Rose and Adrian. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Hey, Heidi! <3 Nice to meet you too, and thanks for commenting! Aaah, I believed that Rose wouldn't choose Adrian, as well, but there was a time in Blood Promise and Spirit Bound that Dimitri flew out of reach, and Adrian was right there for Rose D:

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for joining in TMST! Ugh! I feel the same way about Elena and Damon!! It's so hard to watch how can she NOT want Damon?? LOL. But you are right it isn't really a love triangle because Elena has made her choice clear.

    And I thought The Nightshade series was also really drastic at the end but I agree it felt real and even though some people were upset I still think that being real is better than giving a fake ending to make people happy.

    I agree about Twilight and that Jacob deserved better... I almost wish Stephanie Meyer would write a spin off of Jacob and Renesseme.... wouldn't that be a good read?

    Anyway, great thoughts here, I loved your answer. I hope you join in next week as well!!!

    1. Hi! *o* Thank you for commenting! <3
      Poor Damon, he loved Katherine, but she was all over Stefan since the 1800s, and now the same thing with Elena... Stefan should die, that would solve our problems! LOL.
      Yeah, I saw a lot of negative reviews on Bloodrose because of the ending. But I agree with you, it's better than a fake ending! At least it was real!
      A spinoff with Jake and Nessie? I want it! It was kind of creepy Jake falling in love with a baby, but imagine them together when she's 18, or so? *-* *-*