Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick review: An Iron Fey Valentine, by Julie Kagawa

It's Valentine's Day on the USA, and even though we celebrate it only in June here, I couldn't be happier. The reason behind my gleeful behavior is that Julie Kagawa released her special Valentine's Day novella today. What's this novella about, you ask me? Well, we get to know how Ash and Meghan spent their holiday (with a real date and all that).

The first thing I did after arriving from school was to read An Iron Fey Valentine. I have only one thing to say: The waiting, the excitement, was so worth it.

There were so many fluffy scenes and comments - from both Meghan and Ash - that I actually wished I had a boyfriend. And when the novella was over, it felt like my world had lost its brightness for a few moments. I'm not going to give spoilers away. It's amazing to experience Ash and Meghan's relationship after everything they endured. How they're at sync with each other, how much they love each other. Truly fantastic.

So, if you're interested in checking the novella out, click here.

PS: An Iron Fey Valentine is set after The Iron Knight. If you haven't read the whole series yet, and don't want any spoilers getting in the way of your reading, then don't read the novella. If you don't mind the spoilers, go right ahead :D

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