Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: Nikki Glass series, by Jenna Black

-- Dark Descendant (Released on April 26th 2011)
-- Deadly Descendant (Released on April 24th 2012)

Published by: Pocket
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4/5 stars
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First of all, I gotta admit that writing this review will be extremely dificult. Not because I loved the books, which is not the case... but I couldn't pinpoint a negative aspect of Jenna's books. The story is solid, well written, the dialogues flow easily, just like the narrations, and they're realistic. The characters are raw at first, but as the plot progresses, they go along with it. The mythology is believable, and presented to us, readers, slowly and without infodumps.

And I'm not exaggerating. I really cannot tell you a single thing that I disliked about this series. Everything is so perfect, to the point of being irritating. That's why I'm not writing a full-lenght review. It would take weeks for me to talk about these books without being extremely positive about it, which I don't like.

Nikki Glass finds out the truth about her family in a harsh way. After entering the world of the Liberi, she's introduced to a world of gods and their descendants. Being a descendent of Arthemis herself, she can only hope to survive all of this. However, other people think diferently. The Olympians, a select group of descendants that want to use Nikki's skills to their own gain start to chase her. And you can only imagine the amount of trouble she has to go through to get them off her back.

The Nikki Glass series, though pretty small, it's a very complex and thorough novel, with realistic characters and a perfectly paced plot. I didn't love the books, mostly because I had a hard time connecting with the author's writing that, although perfect, wasn't something I was used to. Overall, I think it has a lot of potential, and I recommend it to fans of the genre. Definitely a must-read.


  1. The fact that you can't think of a single thing you disliked makes me want to read this series even more! Great review Beatriz. :)

  2. I've read the first book and loved it I need to hurry up and grab Deadly Descendant I'm interested to see if any romance develops since there wasn't much in the first book but there were hints that there might be some in the second book.